„Creative. Precise. Careful. His designs are characterized by their durability and intelligent use.“  
Viefe about Frank Person

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fp.formgung: Frank Person conceives, designs and develops products for industrial series production, mainly items for the daily use. Clients are manufacturers of consumer and capital goods.
The aim is an appealing and characteristic design language; and self-explanatory and easy to use; a good way of functioning–not as dogmatic functionalism; rather, the senses should be addressed.

Quality in the choice of materials, precise manufacturing, the longest possible service life and other ecological aspects are methodically incorporated.

When it comes to design, Frank Person works with the aim of reducing to the essentials in order to achieve an eye-catching conciseness and longevity or sustainability in aesthetic and economic terms.

The many years of collaboration with sellers, technicians and manufacturers and the knowledge acquired about different markets, materials and production methods are a decisive advantage.

Before studying industrial design at the FH Darmstadt, Frank Person learned the craft of glass-blowing. Both the apprenticeship and the course of studies form a solid basis and enable qualified and in-depth access to design and manufacturing processes.
The combination of new technologies and old craft techniques often creates symbioses that lead to surprising or innovative results.

Being the manufacturer of the cast-iron garden grill and co-owner of the YRON© brand, he can empathize with the complexity of a new product development and market launch.

Thanks to a critical outside perspective, curiosity, enthusiasm for successful designs and engagement with varied product areas, fp.formgebung: Frank Person is the right partner for an elaborate and responsible product design.

"I am convinced that it is important to reactivate the design approach that is based on an economically appropriate approach to aesthetics, use and production, in the sense of "beautiful, true and good".

   This is a tightrope walk on the cutting edge between new and traditional technology as well as the innovative, surprising and familiar, well-known. It is both an opportunity and a challenge for the disciplines involved, such as developers, distributors and manufacturers.

   As a responsible product designer, I see myself as a stimulus and mediator and I see my task as finding concepts to work out the essentials in order to develop products together with those involved that follow the principles of "good form", based on responsibility compared to future generations, technologically and ergonomically sensible and consistently sustainable."

Frank Person

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