„Creative. Precise. Careful. His designs are characterized by their durability and intelligent use.“  
Viefe about Frank Person

sustainable product design and industrial design 


The studio fp.formgebung, Darmstadt, founded by frank person, has been developing products for manufacturers of consumer and capital goods in various industries since 1999. Focus is on the design of so-called everyday items. 

Requirements are a concise, clear and appealing design, pleading for a self-explanatory, simple and understandable handling and an optimal function. 

Sustainable means aiming at the highest possible material and production quality and a well balanced economy, both in terms of consumption and use, and also from an aesthetic point of view.

Cooperations with other disciplines, craftsmen and manufacturers form a proven and solid basis that has grown over the years.

In-depth knowledge of different materials and various manufacturing methods are a decisive advantage.

The prerequisites for a successful collaboration are openness, optimism and respect. 

We have successfully developed products for numerous companies in Germany and abroad.

"It is my firm conviction to find the design approach based on an economically appropriate use of form, function and material, in the sense of the "beautiful, true and good".

It is a tightrope walk on the cutting edge between new technology and the familiar. An opportunity and a challenge - for developers and manufacturers.

As a responsible product designer, I see myself as a stimulator and mediator and see my task in finding concepts, working out the essentials, developing products together that follow the principles of "good design".

Basis is the responsibility towards future generations, technologically and ergonomically sensible and consistently sustainable."

Frank Person